Client Consultation

I want to get to know more about you and assess your goals and expectations. Clients are given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding the treatment. Information is obtained by asking questions and by examining the areas to be treated. 

If a course of treatments is recommended, you must make sure you understand why they are necessary, and what costs are involved. Also, any particular conditions or lifestyle changes that may have to be made for achieving success with the treatments, for example, frequency of treatments, or specific home care.

Step 1: Getting to know the client and their goals and expectations.

Step 2: Determine whether the client is a suitable candidate.

Step 3: Identify contraindications.

Step 4: Communicate with the client: how it works, potential levels of discomfort, possible side effects, answers to any specific questions.

Step 5: Identify the areas of concern and select the appropriate treatment options based on the clients’ goals.

Realistic Expectations

It is essential for the client to have realistic expectations. Remember this is targeted fat reduction, not weight loss or skin tightening.  Skin tightening can be a pleasant side effect of these treatments, but it will not completely resolve major skin laxity concers. 

The goal of the procedure is to flatten out fat bulges. The client can expect a modest reduction of localized or irregular deposits of fat, modest cellulite improvement, smoothing of irregular contours and re-balancing proportions via redistribution. Large improvement may be minimally noticeable, such as the abdomen.

Completion of a Consultation Form

Any information gathered during the consultation (specific to the treatment) will be recorded on a Consultation form. 

Examining the Client

Information provided by the examination will help to provide an accurate treatment plan. Please tell me about any contraindications you may have.

Planning the Treatment

The most important outcome of the consultation is the treatment plan which includes; the number of recommended treatments, time, cost, etc.


Photographs and measurements will be taken before and after the treatment, with the same reference points at each evaluation. The photos can be used for comparison purposes to view the results. Before and after images are important as you will be able to notice visible differences.

Information provided by: The Body Sculpting Institute